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Line Cutting
Moss Exploration & Line Cutting Services
With a large, experienced, qualified crew of line cutters, we can provide precise quality grids for geophysics in a timely efficient manner.

Whether it be 10Km or 200Km we have the equipment, capabilities and man power to handle any grid. Remote camp set-ups are quite common and easily dealt with.

All grids are chainsaw cut.  Base lines are set by transit and corrected with GPS when in areas of high magnetism.  Grid lines have close tolerances to maintain precise spacing between lines.

Our primary focus is exploration grid line cutting, and staking of mining claims. We can also provide assistance in many other areas of exploration including:

Claim Refurbishing        Helicopter Pad Cutting        Rock Sampling
Snow Sampling       Remote Camp Set-ups     Swamp Road Packing
Flooding & Freezing of Creeks     
Grids are chained at clients desired spacing using etched aluminum tags to provide years of readable pickets.
Experienced staking is the foundation of any successful mining project. Knowing how to properly recognize aged claim lines ensures that tying onto existing properties is done correctly. Confidentiality is #1 and the assurance that your proposed acquisition will be established is a swift and quiet manner. 
Our knowledge and quality of staking is second to none having worked closely with former claims inspectors.